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We are incredibly proud to announce our new and exciting secure file-sharing platform, FirstDRIVE.

Hosted on environmentally friendly servers, FirstDRIVE offers businesses the opportunity to manage and participate in a secure collaborative environment. Upload, preview, download and share files, invite team members and project partners simply by adding their email addresses, create share links and much much more. FirstDRIVE even comes with an analytics dashboard which shows important user and visitor statistics.

One of the many advantages of using FirstDRIVE over platforms, such as Dropbox, is that we can customise the look and feel to match your branding and company website. FirstDRIVE can also be hosted within the same TLD (top-level domain) or sub-directory of your website e.g:

We have had excellent feedback from project partners currently using FirstDRIVE for their projects.

FirstDRIVE has become our goto repository for all 17 partners involved with the Horizon2020 R&D development program. It has helped simplify the distribution and aquisition of importent project documents!

You can find out more about FirstDRIVE and even take it for a test drive here

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Trevor Piggott

Trevor Piggott

Trevor Piggott is the founder and Managing Director of First Web Design Ltd. He has been a web designer & SEO expert for over 20 years. Formerly an associate architect at the second largest IT outsourcing company CSC (now DXC technology), where he worked for Airbus (Toulouse), and New Media Tutor at Business for People, Huntingdon, Cambs. He lives in Holywell, with his wife who is a GP, and his identical twin boys.

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