Conceptual Logo Design, Website Design, Intranet Solutions & Virtual Exhibition Websites for EUROPEAN COMMISSION & INNOVATE UK Funded Projects.

Since 2013

European Commission funded project - carbo4power website design


We have been providing design & development services for European Commission & INNOVATE UK funded web-based projects since 2013. This work has included Conceptual Logo Design, Website Design, Intranet Solutions (FirstDRIVE) & Virtual Exhibitions.

Conceptual Logo Design

We ensure that we are well briefed, and have a good understanding of what the project is about, before conceptualising the essence of the project into a logo that conveys the project’s theme. In this particular example, Carbo4Power’s (a project supported by the European Union under the HORIZON2020 Framework Program) main objective is to develop a new generation of lightweight, high-strength, multifunctional, digitalized multi-materials for offshore turbine rotor blades that will increase their operational performance and durability whilst reducing the cost of energy production, maintenance, and their environmental impact.

In our design we combined the three turbines to reveal the Graphene element (Hexagon with small round circles at each junction), that is heavily featured in the project, and added waves through the word POWER to support the off-shore location.

European Commission funded project - carbo4power website design

A new generation of lightweight, high strength, multifunctional, digitalized multi-materials for offshore turbine rotor blades

It has been a pleasure working with Trevor on the website design for our European Horizon 2020 collaborative R&D project. We received excellent feedback from the project partners regarding the project website, Intranet & logo design. Trevor is a top-level professional with the highest standards of work and a gift to reflect scientific and technology content into beautiful website design. I would sincerely recommend Trevor and First Web Design.
Dr Bojan Boskovic - SEO testimonial for First Web Design
Dr Bojan Boskovic
Cambridge Nanomaterials Technology Ltd
HiBarFilm, INNOVATE UK PROJECT - website design st ives, Cambridgeshire

The HiBarFilm2 Project is an Innovate UK funded project (Ref: 10015317) that started in March 2022 and is expected to run for 30 months.

Website Design

Once the project logo is approved, we then support that identity with a website that becomes the focus point for all project collaborators and partners. Project websites can include project details, images, videos, news of events & workshops, access to the project Virtual Exhibition (EXPO), the project intranet site, as well as links to partner websites, products and services.

All project websites are carefully planned out, and designed to work across all browsers and devices.

EU Project Tools

Hosted Intranet Solutions

Our hosted intranet solutions have proved vital for the collaboration and workflow of project partners. FirstDRIVE is an online file-sharing platform that allows for team members and project partners to collaborate, upload and share documents and files  in a secure file-sharing environment.

Our intranet solutions support full encryption, using the latest technologies and are hosted on ‘Green Servers’.

Virtual Exhibition Design & Development

The CircularEconExpo is the virtual exhibition for the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program Repair3D, which aims at the development of innovative reclamation and repurposing routes for end-of-life plastic and carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) components. 

Virtual Exhibitions

Virtual exhibitions are the perfect solution that allows project partners to visit an online exhibition hall and browse individual partner exhibition displays. Clicking on various links within each display will take you to further information about that partner, download partner brochures, watch presentation videos and so on. It is a fantastic way for partners to find out about each other in a single online environment, just like a real EXPO, but visited from the comfort of your chair.

The Virtual EXPO (for use within European Commission & Innovate UK funded projects) concept, was the brainchild of CNT UK Ltd owner: Dr Bojan Boskovic. As such, our Virtual Exhibition services are in collaboration with CNT UK Ltd and CNT Innovation (Belgium).


We are now on our 10th project

Logo Design: 1-2 days

Website Design: 5-7 days

Intranet development: 5-7 days

Virtual Exhibition: 7-14 days

Much depends on how many partners are involved with the project. So the given prices are approximate:

Logo Design: Please contact us

Website Design & Development: £2500-£3000 (€2900-€3500)

Intranet Development: £3500 (€4100)

Virtual Exhibition: Please contact us

Yes, our hosting solutions are with – fast, secure and green hosting.

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Yes, currently we are working with CNT Innovation (Belgium).

Yes, UK wide and abroad if the project requires us to provide Website Design plus Intranet and/or Virtual Exhibition, or if travel expenses are provided.

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